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  • Middle EastMiddle East's $23 billion cyber security market report
    The UAE's availability of advanced technology and high level of interconnectedness make it highly vulnerable to cyber attacks – so it's no surprise that the current estimated value of the Middle Eastern cyber security market is nearly $23 billion. If you provide a cyber security solution, download this report now to discover which sectors are doing the most spending, how to find out about current government tenders, which companies are already taking advantage of these lucrative opportunities, and tips to enter the market. 

    This study was prepared under contract with the Commonwealth of Virginia, with financial support from the Office of Economic Adjustment, Department of Defense. The content reflects the views of the Commonwealth of Virginia and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Office of Economic Adjustment.


  • Middle East Cyber Security Threat Report 2014Middle East Cyber Security Threat Report 2014
    A recently released report from the Information Systems Security Association of Egypt which provides a very good synopsis of why everything is becoming hackable and where industry should really focus their R&D.
  • The invisible attackers The invisible attackers
    Cyber criminals are a threat to oil and gas infrastructure; But how much of a threat? And how prepared is the oil and gas industry for these invisible attackers? In the first of two articles on cyber security, Michela Menting of ABI research explains some of the cyber threats the industry should fear - and why they should fear them.
  • How can you combat cyber crime?How can you combat cyber crime?
    In our first article on cyber security, we looked at the main threats facing the oil and gas industry. But who are behind these threats? And how can they can be combated? Michela Menting of ABI Research explains how prepared the energy sector is to combat cyber crime - and how prepared it needs to be.

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